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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Jan 31, 2008 7:07 PM
Subject TMBG rock the Beacon Saturday. 30 great tix just released!
Body: THIS SATURDAY! A very special evening with They Might be Giants
at the Beacon Theater in New York City

Two Sets! The Velcro Horns! Comfortable seating!

There are less than 120 tickets remaining. 30 amazing seats just released.
Doors at 7. On stage by 8!

Many have written us that among the few seats remaining many are only single seats separated by pairs of sold seats. While we can not promise kindness from strangers, past experience tells us TMBG audiences are very accommodating to "shimmying" down. Don't be shy! Just trying to ge that "sold out" sign on the marquee!

Feb 2nd New York, NY at The Beacon Theatre