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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Oct 24, 2007 9:26 PM
Subject TMBG music in the next version of The Sims, Pushing Daisies
Body: Flansblog 9000

"Here everybody-we are BACK ON THE ROAD! Spent yesterday wrapping up a couple of interesting projects in the studio in NYC we had in our in-box for our few days off. Yesterday we did a re-record or Take Out the Trash for the next edition of The Sims, and it is recorded in Simlish (!?!). Simlish, the language the characters speak in the game, sounds kind of like a jibberish version of Ubby Dubby, French and Spanish, and ends up sounding like Japanese.of the Sims theme (composed by Mark Mothersbaugh originally) with the band and the massive TMBG horns of Dan, Stan and Kurt sitting in. We also did a live session with the whole live crew for XM with an interview with our ol' ol' pal from Massachusetts days Bill Kates, Subgenius aficianado and all around kind fellow. That should be on the air very soon.

Evidently, TELEVISION LOVES TMBG Shocked to hear Birdhouse was featured in the Pushing Daisies program, and evidently Take Out the Trash is the song in all the promos for Dirty Sexy Money. Hope there is a residual on that! Now if only we could get a song in Law & Order!

OK-gotta get on stage at the new Toads Place.... Looking for somewhere to park this big ol' amphibian carcass...

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Wed. Oct. 24 Richmond, VA at Toad's Place Richmond here!

Thu. Oct. 25 Norfolk, VA at NorVa Theatre here!

Fri. Oct. 26 Durham, NC at Carolina Theatre here!


Sun. Oct. 28 Charlotte, NC at Neighborhood Theatre here!

Tue. Oct. 30 Greenville, SC at The Handlebar here!

Wed. Oct. 31 Charleston, SC HALLOWEEN SHOW at The Music Farmhere!

Thu. Nov. 1 Athens, GA at Georgia Theatre here!

Fri. Nov. 2 Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse here!

Sat. Nov. 3 Nashville, TN at Exit / In here!

Sun. Nov. 4 Memphis, TN at Newby’s here!

Tue. Nov. 6 Cincinnati, OH (well Newport, KY really!) at Southgate House here!

Wed. Nov. 7 Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall here!

Thu. Nov. 8 Indianapolis at The Vogue here!

Fri. Nov. 9 Milwaukee, WI at Turner Hall here!

Sat. Nov. 10 Chicago, IL at Vic Theatre here!

Tue. Nov. 13 Grand Rapids, MI at Intersection here!

Wed. Nov. 14 Ann Arbor, MI at Michigan Theatre here!

Thu. Nov. 15 Pittsburgh, PA at Mr. Small's Theater here!

Fri. Nov. 16 Buffalo, NY at Town Ballroom here!

Sat. Nov. 17 Cleveland, OH at Case Western Reserve University

Sun. Nov. 18 Charleston, WV at Cultural Center Theatre for Mountain Stage Live here!

Fri. Nov. 23 Washington, DC at 9:30 Club here!

Sat. Nov. 24 Philadelphia, PA at Fillmore at TLA here!