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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Sep 27, 2007 6:23 PM
Subject A note from TMBGs Myspace people re confusion around 14plus
Body: A note from TMBGs Myspace people regarding confusion around 14+

Please note: TMBGs adult shows are not an appropriate place for kids.
If it is not advertised as a children's show, it's not for kids.

While the regular show is configured entirely for adults, and is performed at extreme volume and contains adult language, that is not the real point of this message.

It is because of thrown bottles, pot smoke, broken glass, drunks, crazy people, violent dancing, occasional fights, occasions of moshing and periodic stage diving that it is clear insuring the safety of children at these venues is simply out of TMBGs control. Because of this, the band is not comfortable having kids mixed into the adult crowd. Moreover, experience informs us that parents who feel they can protect their children from these very random acts of chaos are actually mistaken, and that is why the unpleasant responsibility of having to enforce an age requirement falls to the band.

Recently, local venues-in what we perceive as a transparent attempt to sell more tickets and a basic misunderstanding of the nature of the show- have chosen to fudge the bands simple directive and changed the 14+ to "recommended" 14+. We apologize for the confusion, but we have to assure you that the band was not responsible for generating it.

They Might Be Giants will be doing children's shows in the near future and they look forward to seeing all the families out in safe and appropriate venues.

They Might Be Giants has the highest regard for their audience both young and old. It is difficult to navigate through these very different worlds while maintain everyone's safety. We hope this message helps clear some things up.