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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Jul 19, 2007 8:56 PM
Subject Music for a perfect summer! Introducing Les Chauds Lapin!
Body: Click here to hear the music of Les Chauds Lapins

Music for a perfect summer! Introducing Les Chauds Lapins!

A message from John Flansburgh:

Our friends Les Chauds Lapins are opening our next show at Bowery Ballroom in New York City. They perform inspired arrangements of French popular songs from the early 20th century (our favorite century). Featuring Meg Reichardt, musician extraordinaire, and Kurt Hoffman, mastermind behind the legendary Ordinaires and former TMBG member, we can assure you Les Chauds Lapins are really worthy of a real listen! Their new album was recorded by our pal Pat Dillett, and it is a rare example of sophisticated high fidelity in this too often too processed world.

It might be too late to get tickets for the show, but we want to encourage everyone to check out their Myspace page, and keep on the look out for their other upcoming shows.

Thanks to all who came out last night to the Bowery to kick things off for us!
Y'all rock.
TMBG has many show being added to the tour-in the south, in the midwest, etc. so watch this space for more info!