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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: May 15, 2007 9:55 AM
Subject TMBGs new album The Else is out now on iTunes! Get it here!
Body: Click here to go to TMBGs The Else on iTunes

Our new album "The Else" is out! New York City stand starts July 18

It is now available at iTunes. 13 brand new songs from us to you. Produced by Patrick Dillett, The Dust Brothers and They Might Be Giants

I'm Impressed | Take Out The Trash | Upside Down Frown | Climbing The Walls
Careful What You Pack | The Cap'm | With The Dark | The Shadow Government
Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth Withered Hope | Contrecoup
Feign Amnesia | The Mesopotamians

The CD will be out on July 10th and includes artwork by Canadian super-genius Marcel Dzama. If you feel you can't wait, but fear duplicating your purchase at iTunes, we are happy to report the first edition of The Else is a special deluxe CD package will includes a FULL LENGTH bonus CD including many previously unreleased studio recordings in brilliant CD quality sound!

We are performing a ton of shows this summer in support of the new album-hopefully near you. The link to the first New york show is right here. Much more about that SOON, but right now THE ELSE!

Click here get tickets to our first Bowery Ballroom show Wed. July 18

Click here to purchase TMBGs The Else on iTunes