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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Jan 22, 2007 11:59 AM
Subject TMBGs free St. Louis gig! Birdhouse on our page!
Body: FREE SHOW in St. Louis MO Feb. 17!

Please help TMBG spread the word-show time is roughly 6:30 pm, but as the show is free you might want to get there early. The stage at the corner of Russell & Broadway. More info at

Birdhouse In Your Soul now at

From the band;
"Thanks to all our Myspace friends for all the interest and support. We enjoy changing up the songs on our player, and by popular request we are going to post "Birdhouse In Your Soul" til March (when we'll probably replace it with another long-time fav). We invite everyone to enjoy it now-please don't flame us when it's gone! Also check out the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds cover "Caroline, No" and "Asbury Park" from Venue Songs!"

Also-we'd like to invite you to subscribe to our free our podcast. Get #21A before it slips away! 22A is coming soon!

Hear Bob Dylan talk about They Might Be Giants and twelve other reasons you might want to get They Might Be Giants new free podcast 21A

Available now at or via iTunes.

1. My Other Phone Is A Boom Car
featuring Michael Cerveris from"Sweeney Todd"
(ringtone from Wired magazine's March issue)
2. Vestibule (from TMBG's MP3 service)
3. Greasy Kid Stuff (from TMBG's MP3 service)
4. Bite-Size (ringtone from Wired magazine's March issue)
5. Bangs (from "Mink Car")
6. Don't Let's Start Mash-Up excerpt
7. Friend or Foe? (ringtone from Wired magazine's March issue)
8. Whistling in the Dark (live) (ringtone from Wired magazine's March issue)
9. Stealing Cars Monologue (live)
10. Wearing A Raincoat (live)
11. San Francisco (live)
12. She's An Angel (live)
This is the direct link to subscribe and will work from a Mac OR a PC as long as you have an iTunes-like MP3 program installed
Also: check out They Might Be Giants new beautifully austere temporary web site including hi res streaming videos, streaming podcasts and even more secret charms at