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From: They Might Be Giants
Date: Jan 5, 2007 4:09 PM
Subject Free They Might Be Giants podcast at
Body: This is the link!

If you have never podcasted before-what can we tell you? First it is free, it automatically updates itself when another one is available, and with the They Might Be Giants podcast you will be getting original new music as well as unusual rarities, beloved studio tracks and live selections from the band's massive catalog.

You don't need an ipod either-it just plays on your computer like any audio file-except it's better because it's totally free and filled with TMBG!

So join the good times! If you are already a part of the TMBG podcast, can we encourage you to tell you friends?

Podcast 21A (that's the first of the new year) will be posted soon-featuring new songs "Vestibule" and "Greasy Kid Stuff" along with previews of a set of ringtones the band put together for Wired Magazine. Sign up now and get 11A from a few weeks back-you'll love it!

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