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First off -- thanks to all 4000+ of you that have retired over 85 SKUs and made our move so much easier. It is nice to finally bid farewell to so much stuff. Enjoy it!

Downloads are back for a limited time! 
New downloads: Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Modern: A Benefit for TMBG's Road Crew, and select albums going all the way back to the eponymous LP! 
Get the brand new songs I Lost Thursday and Who Are the Electors?

 EVERYTHING physical in the store is now AT LEAST 40% OFF. 
There are still savings as high as 65% OFF the regular price! This is the final call for savings before they start loading up the truck to Texas.

For many designs, we are down to just SIZE SMALL. Remember, kids get bigger and need future clothes--take advantage of these deals now!

2020 Flood Tour Merch including the road crew zip hoodie is available in most sizes!

There are fitted/women's shirts and tank tops in most sizes. Kids shirts too!

About Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg 11.29.15 / An Idlewild Recordings Exclusive
For one brief shining moment on Saturday, November 29th, 2015, They Might Be Giants returned to their original format: a drum machine and synth bass tracked to a TEAC reel-to-reel tape recorder with a duo lineup of John L. on accordion and John F. on a Japanese telecaster (even taking care to bring back his original Fender Deluxe amp and minimal pedal complement). It was all Big 80s Systems at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn for that special set. Combining some early classics with recent numbers into a truly dynamic set of songs, these recordings are a unique glimpse of They Might Be Giants Version 1.0.

To top things off, the second set that night reintroduced They Might Be Giants' long-standing live lineup of the 21st century and, like John Henry of legend, they set out to prove that live humans will always eclipse the heartless, error-free efforts of machines. Who won? Only you can decide.

This is an Idlewild exclusive and will not appear on streaming sites anywhere.


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