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Bionic Tuesday is TODAY, so get your stuff for the holidays now!
So many new things, bundled things, and special things. You probably won’t go wrong!
Hi everyone. John F. here. Hope you are all safe and contently hiding from the world in this weirdest of years. Below is a link to an 18-minute clump of music--a selection of songs we created for a famous coffee and doughnut company some years back. It was a very enjoyable experience for us and since there is really nothing more to be done with these songs, we thought we’d share them with you now. It’s like a slalom course in music.

As we are entering the holiday season, I thought it appropriate to give thanks to everyone on this mailing list. In recent years we have run a number of fundraising efforts for causes that seemed worthy of sponsorship, and while many emails have been sent out imploring you to participate, there have been far less acknowledging the remarkable magnitude of your support. In recent years your contributions lead to a $45k donation to the March for Science, $200k to RAICES (the Texas organization that does legal defense for refugees including imprisoned children), and recently, $25k each to Partners in Health and Black Girls Code. So to sum up-

Thank YOU.Songs About Coffee:
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BRAND NEW. It is hard to understand why we didn’t make this shirt before, especially since it seems to be loved by all. Get it now, as it is available in all varieties of UNISEX (aka Men's) and FITTED (aka Women's)

Prepare your gift-giving

This is the go-to link

The logo that launched a million albums is now imprinted on a wide variety of other things. We made up a gazillion of these objects in anticipation of an international Flood tour in 2020. Then everything went blurry. Our miscalculation is your opportunity to save on so many things that will delight the stockings of everyone you know and at a dazzlingly low price. Check out all three configurations!

We are working on a KIDS BUNDLE
but as of this email it is not quite complete. However, we can point you toward an enormous bounty of KIDS SHIRTS, some of which haven’t been available for years, but are now HERE.

Consider the new Scientist shirt, the new Birdhouse shirt, the All the Songs shirt (in stock again!), Meet the Elements, Flood shirt, Beehive shirt, Skull shirt (designed by Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets), and the beloved Flying Carpet shirt’s the COMPACT DISC SUPER-PAK BUNDLE
Fifteen discs for the price of seven and a half!
Put aside the mustache wax, the home butchery handbook, and monocles and tiny top hats of the steampunk nation. Now is the time to join the growing masses clamoring for the latest obsolete NORMCORE obsession--the COMPACT DISC. Revolutionary in its time, and viewed as a lifesaver for the utterly myopic music industry. Notoriously indestructible until scratched. CDs were kind of portable as well as highly focused on the music of your actual preference. These discs were SO GOOD they weren’t just packaged once, but packaged twice inside a second cardboard box more than twice its size. SO GOOD that the price at times tripled that of lesser formats. SO GOOD they even had complete lyrics and technical liner notes typically confirming that once again this disc, like most discs, was mastered by either Bob Ludwig or his shadow in mystery Greg Calbi. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. 
When you order ANY PHYSICAL PRODUCT you can also get this for FREE

You’ll see it there for the price of $0.00. Just throw it in your shopping cart and pretend like it makes sense!
More bundles are coming, so watch this space.

https://theymightbegiants.merchdirect.comDig those safety goggles. It’s all about SAFETY!

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