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Some good news: Danny Weinkauf has a new album for kids out. It’s called Dinosaurs and Metaphors and is available every way imaginable right here good news: here’s some videos from Modern, a benefit compilation for TMBG live crew and band members. Give those Napster mp3s a rest, catch up with They Might Be Giants, and help our team get through these impossible days. It’s 11 songs in an instant download including lyrics. Link is right here: BluebeardGudetama's Busy DaysMarty Beller MaskStuff Is WayWords Are LikeA message about MODERN from John Flansburgh:

We hope this email finds you safe and sheltering in place, avoiding Tiger King, and always wearing a mask in public.

In an effort to help our people make it through this most difficult time, John and I have put together a small compilation of some great but less exposed songs, including a few rarities that aren’t on streaming sites at all. On behalf of our co-workers, we hope you all can participate now so we can keep things going for them. ALL proceeds will be an even 11-way split to the dedicated people John and I have relied on the most--our band and crew. 

Here is the progressive song selection on the compilation we are calling MODERN:

Stuff is Way
The Neck Rolls Aren't Working
Gudetama's Busy Days
Marty Beller Mask
Mrs. Bluebeard
Authenticity Trip
Ana Ng 
Mink Car
Electronic Istanbul
Words Are Like
Unctuous Robot

It’s ten bucks for eleven songs. The download is here:

If you are interested in checking these songs out or you simply want to help the people who get They Might Be Giants to the stage, we truly appreciate it. We understand if this is too tough a time to be asking anything of anyone -- there is a lot going on and our folks are hardly alone in this difficult time. The suggested contribution is $10, but if you want to put in more, we aren’t going to stop you!

Stay safe!
John F., They Might Be Giants

There once was a chimp who did mail
With a keen eye on every detail
So easy to program
Hell, pronouns be damned
This organization won’t fail

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