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featuring Curt Ramm on trumpet and valve trombone
Here is a nice slice of our touring repertoire with the spotlight squarely on Mr. Curt Ramm doing it all and doing what he does best. Enjoy!

We are closing the year with a few amazing new projects that we suspect will liven up your music-playing devices. You have heard many of these songs over the year via our Dial-A-Song service and now you have the opportunity to actually have them physically or electronically all the time. These are exclusive releases directly from TMBG's label Idlewild Recordings to YOU. They won’t be on streaming services so don't miss this very exclusive opportunity to have an original piece of Dial-A-Song history.MY MURDERED REMAINS and THE ESCAPE TEAM

By popular demand, the many new and original songs that have populated this year’s Dial-A-Song project now are available on disc and as an instant download.

My Murdered Remains is 16 songs and includes the instant classics “The Communists Have the Music,” “Ampersand,” and “The Neck Rolls Aren’t Working.” And if you act right now the download also comes with a bonus disc of 16 additional songs, which has been casually dubbed More Murdered Remains. If you order the CD or pre-order the vinyl album you will also receive an instant download of all 32 killer tracks.

The Escape Team is a different kind of album set for the band, with eleven musical portraits of characters drawn from David Cowles’ comic book The Escape Team. The colorful tracks move from the cartoon violence of the book's Big Daddy Roth-inspired origins to mysterious prequels. Includes “The Poisonousness” with Robin Goldwasser, “Jackie the Clipper,” “Chip the CHiP,” and eight more haunting tracks. And again, if you order the CD or pre-order the vinyl album you will also receive an instant download of album.

A few years back we released a set of pre-production recordings that would become the John Henry album. Created with long time collaborator Patrick Dillett and our evolving live band, many of the tracks have previously been passed around the internet, often in compromised fidelity. Giving the material a closer listen it only seemed fair that this bit of history got a better airing. These tracks in full high-fidelity not only sound remarkably fresh, they provide an interesting look into the process of the album’s creation. And of course, if you order the CD or pre-order the vinyl album you will also receive an instant download of album.

12.30 Pawling SOLD OUT
12.31 Philadelphia LESS THAN 125 TICKETS LEFT
2.21 Brisbane GOING FAST
2.22 Brisbane SOLD OUT
2.24 Sydney
2.27 Perth
3.1 Melbourne
3.2 Melbourne SOLD OUT
3.3 Adelaide

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