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See TMBG now! Providence is sold out, NYC and Buffalo going fast. After AUSTRALIA, no touring for the foreseeable…
10.23 Madison 10.24 Ann Arbor 10.25 Ithaca 10.26 Baltimore 10.27 New York 10.28 Providence SOLD OUT 10.30 Montreal 11.1 Ottawa 11.2 Toronto 11.3 Buffalo 12.30 Pawling 12.31 Philadelphia

2.22 Brisbane 2.23 Sydney 2.24 Sydney 2.27 Perth 3.1 Melbourne 3.2 Melbourne
GUDETAMA’S BUSY DAYSGudetama’s seen busy days, selling white flags at a discount and daydreams to the housebound and explanations to the wall. Down by the Pink Dot there are students falling on each other in an acting class. Though you need some brand new people, you don’t trust the lot of them so you’re moving on. Gudetama’s moving on. You had nothing then you lost it. Isn’t it strange how hard life can be? So you hit on double zero, and I’m reading your final harangue. Those guys made crumbs from your toothpick castle and some car dust from your car that they stole. Mountain girl, he still thinks about you sitting in an old truck tire swinging from a tree. And when she asks me how you’re doing, I pretend to tell the truth. 

Gudetama’s seen busy days, selling white flags at a discount and daydreams to the housebound and explanations to the wall. 

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