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People! It’s true! The brand new 2019 Instant Fan Club is open to new members, and much of the stuff will arrive before December 25th!

Hello everyone. John F. of TMBG writing you from our tour bus as we weave through Glacier National Park.

As you might know, every few years we run an Instant Fan Club service when we have something special to offer. You might not hear about it much because it's a secret.

Of course, 2018 has already been a whirlwind year for us with I Like Fun, Dial-A-Song, and worldwide touring, but we have more in store for 2019––specifically for the Instant Fan Club––and we want to get it all started in time for this upcoming holiday season. (IFC membership can be given as a gift, and what better holiday gift is there for your TMBG-loving friends?)

The 2019 Instant Fan Club is described in intense detail on the site linked below, but I will try to sum it up here. It is packed with real value and huge exclusives –– including music that can only be obtained directly from They Might Be Giants and nowhere else (thanks, but no thanks, streaming sites!). A big box of things will arrive before Dec. 25th, and other delightful things will be happening throughout 2019 until next year. Not everything is set. There will be surprises. It's even going to surprise us. Membership closes Tuesday, Nov. 6th, (Election Day!) so vote for TMBG!

There are three levels to membership:

Level 1 is for current IFC members. It does not duplicate anything in the 2018 offering and compliments the material you will already be receiving in December. Continuing on for 2019 will get you a huge bundle of fun new things including a CD and download of the John Henry Demos. (Yes, you read that right.)


Level 1A is the Expanded Level and provides new members a huge amount of experiences and exclusives, and will catch you up on all the current exclusive music in the 2018 IFC offering––including downloads of the new albums My Murdered Remains, The Escape Team, and They Might Be Giants Live 2018. That’s four upcoming albums!


Level 2 is for Super Presidents. Exclusively for fancy people, this level includes YOUR NAME listed as an Executive Producer on our new album "My Murdered Remains," have your name entered into a lottery for one of six personalized, custom-painted ukuleles created by John Flansburgh, and a host of other unusual items.


For every level, there are also many possible add-on options if you are a vinyl lover, a t-shirt lover, or a comic book lover. 


To incentivize you we have added two additional posters as a bonus to folks who join in the first week. Offer ends October 23rd.

Speaking on behalf of the band, we are profoundly grateful to all of the folks who have participated in the Instant Fan Club. It directly funds our recordings, our Dial-A-Song service and our touring, and saves us from doing all sorts of weird things we wouldn’t want to do. The Instant Fan Club quite directly makes They Might Be Giants possible. THANK YOU.

John F., They Might Be Giants

REMEMBER Membership closes Tuesday, Nov. 6th but memberships including the bonus poster offer ends XXXX

Here is the direct link to all the magnificent details:

Q: When do things start?
A: Downloads arrive on the first day of Hanukkah, December 3.

Q: When will the products ship?
A: Almost all of the physical 2019 Instant Fan Club stuff will arrive before December 25th, but streaming events and exclusive audio treats will be happening periodically throughout 2019. There will also be a later shipment of the 7" vinyl and any additional vinyl orders. If you need to update your shipping address between now and then, please email

Q: I'm a 2018 IFC member. What do I still have coming from that membership?
A: 2018 members will be receiving My Murdered Remains, The Escape Team, and TMBG 2018 Live on CD. If you'd like My Murdered Remains or The Escape Team on vinyl, you should to add those on to your 2019 IFC order.

Q: I want to give an IFC gift membership as a surprise. How do I avoid spoiling it?
A: Immediately following your order, both the purchaser and the recipient of the gift will receive a confirmation email. If you'd like to make it a surprise, you should list your own email as both the "purchaser email" and "recipient email." After the big reveal, email to have your recipient's email updated in our system.
As a TMBG Instant Fan Club member, 
I am a willing participant
in this secret experiment in human happiness.

When asked about the 
Instant Fan Club, I shall reply,
“Oh, I don’t know. 
You must be thinking of some other band.”

Copyright © 2018 They Might Be Giants, All rights reserved.

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