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They Might Be Giants' tour of Canada 
and the US HAS BEGUN!

10.18 Calgary 10.19 Edmonton 
10.20 Saskatoon 10.21 Winnipeg 
10.23 Madison 10.24 Ann Arbor 
10.25 Ithaca 10.26 Baltimore 
10.27 New York City 10.28 Providence 
10.30 Montreal 11.1 Ottawa 11.2 Toronto 
11.3 Buffalo 12.30 Pawling 
12.31 Philadelphia
The Poisonousness (Hand Witch)
featuring Robin Goldwasser
from the upcoming album “The Escape Team"
Can anybody help me turn off the poisonousness?
Save me save me. I can’t break the glass
I can’t see my hands.I can’t tell if I’m upside or down
Inside or out sideways or back

Life in Toronto. Successful hand model but there’s a nuclear blast 
(Hand witch) I know I’ve been burned
(Hand witch) It could have been worse
(Hand witch) What am I becoming?

Can anybody stand up? Dispose of the villainousness?
Save us save us. We can’t break the spell
We can’t leave this hell
Like the end of Lord of the Flies
We can’t tell if were going to survive this diet of lies

I’ve joined the Escape Team.
Distopian maybe. Forgetting our nuclear past

(Hand witch) We’re all trapped in this world
(Hand witch) What else can be learned?
(Hand witch) These bubbles are disturbing

Everybody stand up. Dispose of the villainousness
 This will save us. We can break the spell
We can leave this hell
Like the end of Live and Let Die
I can’t tell just how or just why but we will survive
We are on tour in Canada and the US!
 Thanks to all the folks in Vancouver for coming out as we kicked it off last night!
10.18 Calgary
10.19 Edmonton
10.20 Saskatoon
10.21 Winnipeg
10.23 Madison
10.24 Ann Arbor
10.25 Ithaca
10.26 Baltimore
10.27 New York
10.28 Providence
10.30 Montreal
11.1 Ottawa
11.2 Toronto
11.3 Buffalo 50 TICKETS LEFT!

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