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upcoming European dates… 
22.9 Cambridge 23.9 Bristol 25.9 Munich 26.9 Antwerp 27.9 Amsterdam 28.9 Berlin 3.10 London 4.10 Manchester 5.10 Edinburgh
Hello everyone. As you probably know, They Might Be Giants is embarking on a European tour in the middle of September. A bunch of shows are already sold out and, at the rate tickets are going now, most, if not all of these UK shows are going to sell out in advance. This is VERY exciting news for us, but the flurry of disappointment among our faraway fans makes us feel guilty if we don’t give fair warning. This is it. Don’t miss out. Who knows how soon we’ll be back? (It will be a couple of years at the earliest.) Go!

What's the show like?
It’s “An Evening with” which means two sets of TMBG music. It’s a new show with an expanded lineup of musicians and a lot of fresh music including UPCOMING songs from Dial-A-Song, all-time favorites, and an ever-shifting rotation of fresh rarities spanning the years. There are improvisational challenges built into the set to delight even our embittered selves, our band, and road crew. It is occasionally ribald––that means just for adults everybody! (No kids admitted!) And now, for the first time, we are on a full tour with show-stopping trumpet genius Curt Ramm (Nile Rogers, Bruce Springsteen).
photo: Jon Uleis
9.20 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge
9.23 Bristol
9.25 Munich
9.26 Antwerp
9.27 Amsterdam
9.28 Berlin
9.29 Hamburg SOLD OUT
10.1 Koln SOLD OUT
10.3 London
10.4 Manchester
10.5 Edinburgh
10.6 Dublin SOLD OUT

10.16 Vancouver
10.18 Calgary
10.19 Edmonton
10.20 Saskatoon
10.21 Winnipeg
10.23 Madison
10.24 Ann Arbor
10.25 Ithaca
10.26 Baltimore
10.27 New York
10.28 Providence
10.30 Montreal
11.1 Ottawa
11.2 Toronto
11.3 Buffalo

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