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They Might Be Giants is going ON TOUR starting in September!
You are sincerely invited and we are excited that a number of these shows are selling out now.
Also, our sold out show in Winnipeg has just been moved to a bigger venue
so now there is room for your friends!
London New York Berlin Toronto Montreal Ann Arbor Antwerp and many more!
Go to this link for all the shows or check out the itinerary at the bottom of this email.
“Read my yelp review of Riker’s Island
You know I’ve withdrew from my life of violence
Now I just relax with my wife and my friends
and play the soothing music of New Orleans brass bands”

Do I know where I live? Well, so do you. So do you
Won’t say what I fear. What you could do, you might do
Don’t apologize ‘cause you’re under a lid
You don’t meet my gaze ‘cause you keep your gaze hid
This is for me. Fancy this. Special D.
This is for me. Fancy that. Freaky you.

John Postal hands on the wheel. John Postal stays in his lane
John Postal lost in the beams. John Postal thinks it’s a shame
John Postal pushed past the brink. John Postal maps out his screed
John Postal does not agree. John Postal buries the lede

“Look on Angie’s List under recent comments  
Understand my words were taken out of context”

Do I know what I got? Well so do you. So do you
He’s staring so loud. One missing stamp. Postage due

John Postal out in the road. John Postal stands in the rain
John Postal talks to himself. John Postal poured down the drain
John Postal carried upstream. John Postal rushed out to sea
John Postal rides on a wave. John Postal same fever dream 
We want to tell you that Dial-A-Song is taking August off to REGROUP.
We have many new songs and videos in the works and the fall will be non-stop Dial-A-Song action until the end of the year, but we want to take a momentary breather to catch up with our lives.
They Might Be Giants big show is on the road!
Germany / United Kingdom / Ireland / Netherlands / Canada / United States

An Evening with! The big six-piece band! Two big sets! No opener!

9.20 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge
9.23 Bristol
9.25 Munich
9.26 Antwerp
9.27 Amsterdam
9.28 Berlin
10.3 London
10.4 Manchester
10.5 Edinburgh

Then we are back in the US, and visiting our pals in Canada

10.16 Vancouver
10.18 Calgary
10.19 Edmonton
10.20 Saskatoon
10.23 Madison
10.24 Ann Arbor
10.25 Ithaca
10.26 Baltimore
10.27 New York
10.28 Providence
10.30 Montreal
11.1 Ottawa
11.2 Toronto
11.3 Buffalo

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