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I keep my head low as I enter the square
Don’t know what to think or who might be there
Been scared for so long. So long it’s not true
But I rue this day and I rue you too

But I knew you in your time when alarm-bells filled our minds
and what was happening was happening with ten quarters and five dimes
Now there’s not much left to say. It’s just excuses for today
So let’s just save the list for the optimists 
someone said they’re on their way

So some guy once wrote betrayal takes two
I guess I oughta know since I think that’s true 
I’m sorry that you, so strange for so long,
can not reanimate what is already gone

But we could talk right through the night 
Under a pitch-black moonless sky
And what was possible was possible with no one asking why 
And I loved you when you ran. Round in circles round with plans
Without permission or suspicions. You even tolerated slang
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9.20 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge
9.23 Bristol
9.25 Munich
9.26 Antwerp
9.27 Amsterdam
9.28 Berlin
9.29 Hamburg GOING FAST
10.1 Koln GOING FAST
10.3 London
10.4 Manchester
10.5 Edinburgh
10.6 Dublin GOING FAST

Then we are back in the US, and visiting our pals in Canada

10.16 Vancouver
10.18 Calgary
10.19 Edmonton
10.20 Saskatoon
10.21 Winnipeg SOLD OUT
10.23 Madison
10.24 Ann Arbor
10.25 Ithaca
10.26 Baltimore
10.27 New York
10.28 Providence
10.30 Montreal
11.1 Ottawa
11.2 Toronto
11.3 Buffalo

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