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Hello people!

What a wild and wooly week! We have TWO Dial-A-Song selections for your consideration this week since, in our excitement, we jumped the gun two weeks back with the unapproved release of the demo of I’m Not A Loser from the SpongeBob Squarepants musical. Now we are on solid ground with the powers that be and invite you to enjoy the song now and forever.

Today’s BRAND NEW video is the work of animation genius Caitlin Cragg and it’s for the song An Insult To The Fact Checkers.
Spread the word, post it on your socials, and ENJOY!

hats off to the things you don’t say
so what’s up with the side eye?

spent so long trying to get along trying to please you
trying to tease out all the details 
from the sad straight notions that just all seem wrong
I defy interpretation         
I am not participating in it 

pick on someone else your own size
go prey on some stranger passing by

hats off to the things you don’t say
so what’s up with the side eye?

my sad minds searching overtime for a reason 
you suspiciously incorporate some far-fetched fiction
you find so sublime but it’s too late to reject 
and it’s an insult to the fact checkers

This song is from They Might Be Giants' latest album I Like Fun and you should get the whole thing!
From the highly melodic to the full rockin’ to sounds that are simply unique to TMBG, I Like Fun is an album worthy of your attention. It is already a critical and audience smash, and the scope of the album rivals any in the band’s catalog. Recorded with TMBG's stellar live band at Reservoir Studios (that’s where we made Flood), this is an album not to be missed. Even if it’s just to support They Might Be Giants’ misguided mission, you’ll enjoy having the whole project in your life. Don’t postpone joy.

Direct from TMBG
At iTunes
At Amazon
Via our local record shop
They Might Be Giants are doing three shows this summer, and two of them are this weekend!

6.15 Lancaster
6.16 Croton-on-Hudson
6.30 Barcelona

We are touring Europe!

9.20 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge
9.23 Bristol
9.25 Munich
9.26 Antwerp
9.27 Amsterdam
9.28 Berlin
9.29 Hamburg LESS THAN 100 SEATS LEFT
10.3 London
10.4 Manchester
10.5 Edinburgh

Then we are back in the US, and visiting our pals in Canada

10.16 Vancouver
10.18 Calgary
10.19 Edmonton
10.20 Saskatoon
10.21 Winnipeg SOLD OUT
10.23 Madison
10.24 Ann Arbor
10.25 Ithaca
10.26 Baltimore
10.27 New York
10.28 Providence
10.30 Montreal
11.1 Ottawa
11.2 Toronto
11.3 Buffalo
Did you miss your chance to get official tour merch at a show?  It's all available online now including the limited edition Cats shirt with tour dates on the back!
Vintage shirts are back for a limited time. Carter! Drunk Guy! Amish! And more!

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