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by the time you get this note we’ll no longer be alive
we’ll have all gone up in smoke—there’ll be no way to reply
you’ll be wondering about the world that vanished long ago
and the words that reach you now that were buried underground

greetings to everyone in 1937
it seems that you were never aware that we were here
you’re probably too busy rejoicing in the present
to stop and be reminded of the dark and troubled past

by the time you get this note we’ll no longer be alive
but our skulls are smiling still at the thought of things to come
we can confidently know that you’ll enjoy a better world
when the evils that we faced will at last be laid to rest

when the poisons of the earth are completely neutralized
when the hatred and the lies are forever put aside
when the voices of dissent and contradiction all abate
and the peaceful air is filled with a silent harmony

we can’t be certain at the moment of this writing
but surely in the future there’ll be no barking dogs
the sound of crying babies will be thankfully forgotten
no long will the chattering classes make a noise

by the time you get this note a millennium from now
we’ll have all gone up in smoke—there’ll be no way to reply
and we confidently know you’ll enjoy a better time
when the evils that we faced will at last be laid to rest
They Might Be Giants' new album I Like Fun, a remarkable 15-track album, is here.

I Like Fun is as big a critical smash as it is a hit with live audiences. The scope of the album rivals any in the band's catalog—from the highly melodic to the full rockin’ to sounds that are simply unique to TMBG, I Like Fun is an album worthy of a deep dive. Recorded with their stellar live band at Reservoir Studios, this is a release not to be missed.

I Like Fun available on vinyl, LP, CD or instant download.
Get it direct from TMBG
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Support They Might Be Giants’ music. Get the album!
We are very excited to be part of one of the most nominated shows in this year's Tony Awards! Go SpongeBob SquarePants! The 12 nominations include Best Musical and Best Original Score (including TMBG's "I'm Not A Loser").


Big Canada news:
Our Canada and US fall dates have been announced. The full list of shows is below. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Big Pennsylvania news: 
We are doing a show in LANCASTER! Yes, we’re back at the box that rocks, the Chameleon Club, for what is destined to be a big night of sweaty fun. Friday June 15:

Big New York festival news:
We are headlining the prestigious Clearwater Festival at CROTON-ON-HUDSON. This is a beautiful outdoor experience and includes a great day of performers, as well as US! Saturday June 16:

Big Barcelona news:
The Vida Festival has invited us to headline this year. We expect it will be a blast. Saturday June 30: 

Big San Juan news:
We will be performing in San Juan as part of the JoCo Cruise 2019. If you want to get a cabin on the big boat go to

Then this fall we are over there and in Canada!
UK / DE / BE / NL / IE

9.20 Leeds, UK ADDED!
9.21 Leeds, UK SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge, UK
9.23 Bristol, UK
9.25 Munich, DE
9.26 Antwerp, BE
9.27 Amsterdam, NL
9.28 Berlin, DE
9.29 Hamburg, DE
10.1 Koln, DE
10.3 London, UK
10.4 Manchester, UK
10.5 Edinburgh, UK
10.6 Dublin, IE

10.16 Vancouver, BC
10.18 Calgary, AB
10.19 Edmonton, AB
10.20 Saskatoon, SK
10.21 Winnipeg, MB
10.23 Madison, WI
10.24 Ann Arbor, MI
10.25 Ithaca, NY
10.26 Baltimore, MD
10.27 New York, NY
10.28 Providence, RI
10.30 Montreal, QC
11.1 Ottawa, ON
11.2 Toronto, ON
11.3 Buffalo, NY

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