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 They Might Be Giants’ US tour is traveling across the 
West Coast, Midwest, and Northeast right now!
This week’s Dial-A-Song: Rowboat Mayor
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Apple objects or Droid objects
Floating across the roiling sea in our red solo cup
Rowing around the coral reef thinking the whole thing up

He thinks he’s such a rowboat mayor
but he’s not one now and he’s not one later
He thinks he’s such a rowboat mayor
on a steady diet of small potaters

The nautical council held a deposition
Seems all shipmates have the same position
Honors and ranks are all just crowing
In a vessel this small there is only rowing

Fighting atop the ocean waves in our red solo cup
Our gold doubloons lost in the spray are never floating up

There was never such a thing as a rowboat mayor
For a pack of cigarettes I will tell you later
New show! Two sets! Curt Ramm on trumpet! Favorites! Deep cuts! New songs! More cursing!

Hello! John F. here. It is a very exciting moment as we embark on this, the 2nd magnificent leg of our US tour. We start with a long run of sold out shows on the West Coast, along with scheduled appearances on WTF and Conan, then trek across the Midwest and Northeast! If you haven’t heard, these are all “An Evening With TMBG” and that means a big night out! We start early with no opening act and play two sets. This expanded set up allows us to include many different songs from our repertoire with new selections from I Like Fun, Apollo 18, and Mink Car joining all the classic TMBG favorites. While the show changes almost every night we always make a point to spotlight John L.’s contra alto clarinet as well as the Curt Ramm trumpet. And yes there is a show within a show—we have the Quiet Storm; a set of new arrangements of songs where it’s often quiet but always stormy.
Only these shows still have tickets available:

3.4 San Francisco CA
3.9 Salt Lake City UT
3.11 Boulder CO
3.13 Kansas City MO
3.14 Omaha NE
3.15 Minneapolis MN
3.16 Milwaukee WI
3.18 Louisville, KY
4.13 New Haven CT
4.17 Covington KY
4.21 Portland ME
4.19 Rochester NY
4.22 Albany NY
4.26 Northampton MA
4.27 Boston MA

Then we are over there!

9.20 Leeds, UK
9.22 Cambridge, UK
9.23 Bristol, UK
9.25 Munich, DE
9.26 Antwerp, BE
9.27 Amsterdam, NL
9.28 Berlin, DE
9.29 Hamburg, DE
10.1 Koln, DE
10.3 London, UK
10.4 Manchester, UK
10.5 Edinburgh, UK
I Like Fun vinyls have arrived! If you want a copy, order it here
Every vinyl order includes an instant download as well.

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