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IN THIS EMAIL: The song Dog is on Dial-A-Song this week. Our new LP I Like Fun is here. We play Florida this week on our 64-date US/UK/European tour already underway. Dial-A-Song Direct is finally here. And we played at Rolling Stone magazine's office!
This Wednesday's Dial-A-Song is The Greatest
starring Nick Offerman.
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They Might Be Giants’ brand new album 
I Like Fun is here.
Get I Like Fun in all formats
direct from TMBG -
or at iTunes -
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Tomorrow night in Birmingham
1.30 Birmingham AL SOLD OUT
1.31 Baton Rouge LA
2.1 Austin TX APOLLO 18 SHOW
2.2 Houston TX
2.3 Dallas SOLD OUT
2.6 Nashville TN
2.7 Indianapolis IN
2.8 Columbus OH
 2.9 St. Louis MO
2.10 Detroit SOLD OUT
2.11 Cleveland SOLD OUT
2.27 Phoenix AZ
3.1 San Diego SOLD OUT 
3.2 Los Angeles SOLD OUT
3.3 San Francisco SOLD OUT
3.4 San Francisco CA
 3.6 Eugene OR SOLD OUT
3.7 Seattle SOLD OUT
3.8 Portland SOLD OUT
3.9 Salt Lake City UT
3.10 Denver CO
3.11 Boulder CO
3.13 Kansas City MO
3.15 Minneapolis MN
3.16 Milwaukee WI
3.17 Chicago IL SOLD OUT
3.18 Louisville KY
4.13 New Haven CT
4.14 Washington DC
4.15 Pittsburgh SOLD OUT
4.17 Cincinnati OH
4.19 Rochester NY 
 4.20 Burlington SOLD OUT
4.21 Portland ME
4.22 Albany NY
4.26 Northampton MA
4.27 Boston MA
4.28 Philadelphia SOLD OUT
Then we get on a jet plane!
9.20 Leeds UK
9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge UK
9.23 Bristol UK
9.25 Munich DE
9.26 Antwerp BE
9.27 Amsterdam NL
9.28 Berlin DE
9.29 Hamburg DE
10.3 London UK
10.4 Manchester UK
10.5 Edinburgh UK
10.6 Dublin IE
Dial-A-Song Direct is here.
I Like Fun and a lot more.
Download the songs in your choice of 
mp3 or wav format. No muss, no fuss, 
all the 2018 tracks for just $30. 
That’s… a lot less than iTunes! 
And your subscription supports this effort directly! 
You know what to do!
Whenever you join Dial-A-Song Direct you'll be able to download
the songs that were already released in 2018, 
as well as the rest of the songs that will
be released through the end of the year!
This is how you get it:
If you want to give a subscription to Dial-A-Song Direct to a friend, 
just put their email address in the form and fill out the rest yourself. 
But you’ll have to tell them it’s from you! They will be psyched!.
They Might Be Giants at Rolling Stone
Here is a new, quality article about TMBG in the current Atlantic
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