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IN THIS EMAIL: The song Dog is on Dial-A-Song this week. 

Our new LP I Like Fun is here. Our 64-date US/UK/European tour is already underway. 

The Dial-A-Song Radio Network is 70 stations strong and 
Dial-A-Song Direct is finally here.
 Call Dial-A-Song at 
(844) 387-6962
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He’s the kind of dog when presented with his heart’s desire will turn his nose away
He’s the kind of dog who sees a smiling friend and says “I need no smiling friend today”
He’s a dog who made his money selling troubled assets. 
Now he spends his time staring at the door
Staring at the door. 
He’s vigilant. He’s patient
He cannot be dissuaded
There’s nothing more compelling than staring at the door

She’s the kind of dog who knows the smell of victory but can’t remember what it’s called 
She’s the kind of dog who builds a castle out of other people's things that she destroyed
She’s a dog who wrote the book of love and then devoured it 
Now she’s only staring at the door
Staring at the door
She’s tireless. She’s attentive
She will not be distracted
The point of her existence is staring at the door

They Might Be Giants’ brand new album 
I Like Fun is here.
Get I Like Fun in all formats
direct from TMBG -
or at iTunes -
or at Amazon -
​or in the UK / EU -
from your local record store -
They Might Be Giants’ 2018
US/UK/EU tour continues TONIGHT 
in Ponte Vedra.
Fair warning: 
Pittsburgh, Chicago and 
Denver will all sell out in 
just a number of days.
1.24 Ponte Vedra, FL
1.25 Orlando, FL
1.26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL SOLD OUT
1.27 St. Petersburg, FL SOLD OUT
1.28 Pensacola, FL
1.30 Birmingham, AL SOLD OUT
1.31 Baton Rouge, LA
2.1 Austin, TX APOLLO 18 SHOW
2.2 Houston, TX
2.3 Dallas, TX SOLD OUT
2.6 Nashville, TN
2.7 Indianapolis, IN
2.8 Columbus, OH
 2.9 St. Louis, MO going fast
2.10 Detroit, MI SOLD OUT
2.11 Cleveland, OH SOLD OUT
2.27 Phoenix, AZ
3.1 San Diego, CA SOLD OUT
3.2 Los Angeles, CA SOLD OUT
3.3 San Francisco, CA SOLD OUT
3.4 San Francisco, CA
 3.6 Eugene, OR
3.7 Seattle, WA SOLD OUT
3.8 Portland, OR SOLD OUT
3.9 Salt Lake City, UT
3.10 Denver, CO
3.11 Boulder, CO
3.13 Kansas City, MO
3.14 Omaha, NE 
3.15 Minneapolis, MN
3.16 Milwaukee, WI
3.17 Chicago, IL
3.18 Louisville, KY
4.13 New Haven, CT
4.14 Washington, DC
4.15 Pittsburgh, PA
4.17 Cincinnati, OH
4.19 Rochester, NY 
 4.20 Burlington, VT
4.21 Portland, ME
4.22 Albany, NY
4.26 Northampton, MA
4.27 Boston, MA
4.28 Philadelphia, PA SOLD OUT
Then we get on a jet plane!
9.20 Leeds, UK
9.21 Leeds, UK SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge, UK
9.23 Bristol, UK
9.25 Munich, DE
9.26 Antwerp, BE
9.27 Amsterdam, NL
9.28 Berlin, DE
9.29 Hamburg, DE
10.1 Koln, DE
10.3 London, UK
10.4 Manchester, UK
10.5 Edinburgh, UK
10.6 Dublin, IE
Hey Mr. or Ms. DJ–join us! 
The TMBG Dial-A-Song Radio Network 
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They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song service 
is here and for the people.
We are inviting all DJs at community, 
college, and commercial radio shows 
interested in being serviced with weekly 
musical installments from TMBG –– you 
are sincerely invited to participate. 
We are also booking band interviews and 
creating programming notes and custom 
audio materials guaranteed to make the 
Dial-A-Song segment of your broadcast a 
special highlight every week. All the 
information to become part of it is here. 
And if you know someone 
who would be interested, 
tell them about it! 
Dial-A-Song Direct is here.
I Like Fun and a lot more.
Download the songs in your choice of 

mp3 or wav format. No muss, no fuss, 
all the 2018 tracks for just $30. 
That’s… a lot less than iTunes! 
And your subscription supports this effort directly! 

You know what to do!
Whenever you join Dial-A-Song Direct you'll be able to download

the songs that were already released in 2018, 
as well as the rest of the songs that will

be released through the end of the year!
This is how you get it:
If you want to give a subscription to Dial-A-Song Direct to a friend, 

just put their email address in the form and fill out the rest yourself. 

But you’ll have to tell them it’s from you! They will be psyched!.
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