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Dr Sy Fly
Our new LP I Like Fun out next week
Our 64-date US/UK/European tour
starts next week
The Dial-A-Song Radio Network
is 60 stations strong needs your input
The TMBG video contest
"Dr. Sy Fly"
he'll see you now diagnose with compound eyes
multiply the problem and his name is dr. sy fly
he'll see what's wrong and he'll be what's wrong
as he twitches his proboscis and he'll tell you your prognosis
he's going to have to amputate
he's going to chop off all that you got
yank out the stuff inside of you
after which he'll play nine holes of golf
his phone rings it's an emergency
someone needs their brain replaced with a potato salad sandwich
a buzzer sounds as he tries to take out cavity sam's
wrenched ankle and he accidentally kills him
dr. sy fly is deep in thought
motioning to the nurse at his side
hand him the saw hand him the drill
sponge all the moisture off of his brow
Dial-A-Song is here at the link above,
or call 844-387-6962,
or go to the updated
Last Wave from I Like Fun 
is on YouTube right now. It’s a preview 
from our new album I Like Fun 
out January 19, 2018. 

Listen on YouTube:​
Listen on Spotify:​

Pre-order I Like Fun in all formats
direct from TMBG -
or at iTunes -
or at Amazon -
​or in the UK / EU -
from your local record store -
Working on a lot of I Like Fun songs, 
but not sure which are going to be in the 
show immediately. Also prepping some 
Wicked Little Critta, Subliminal, Your Racist Friend, 
End of the Tour, Nothing’s Going to 
Change My Clothes, My Evil Twin, 
Bangs, and Dig My Grave.  
Trying to set up a Quiet Storm section of
 the show where Marty is playing these 
electronic drums, JL is on accordion 
and clarinets, me on acoustic, 
and Curt Ramm on trumpet. 
Songs we are kicking around include 
A Self Called Nowhere, Moles, 
The Famous Polka, Tippecanoe and 
Tyler Too and a bunch of other 
small-format comparable songs. Kind of 
challenging doing something so quiet. 
Hope we can hold people's attention!
Going fast. Don't delay!
1.17 Charlottesville, VA
1.18 Carrboro, NC SOLD OUT
1.19 Asheville, NC
1.20 Atlanta, GA SOLD OUT
1.21 Charlotte, NC
 1.23 Charleston, SC
1.24 Ponte Vedra, FL
1.25 Orlando, FL
1.26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL SOLD OUT
1.27 St. Petersburg, FL SOLD OUT
1.28 Pensacola, FL
1.30 Birmingham, AL SOLD OUT
1.31 Baton Rouge, LA
2.1 Austin, TX APOLLO 18 SHOW
2.2 Houston, TX
2.3 Dallas, TX SOLD OUT
2.6 Nashville, TN
2.7 Indianapolis, IN
2.8 Columbus, OH
 2.9 St. Louis, MO
2.10 Detroit, MI SOLD OUT
2.11 Cleveland, OH SOLD OUT
2.27 Phoenix, AZ
3.1 San Diego, CA SOLD OUT
3.2 Los Angeles, CA 
3.3 San Francisco, CA SOLD OUT
3.4 San Francisco, CA APOLLO 18 SHOW
 3.6 Eugene, OR
3.7 Seattle, WA SOLD OUT
3.8 Portland, OR SOLD OUT
3.9 Salt Lake City, UT
3.10 Denver, CO
3.11 Boulder, CO
3.13 Kansas City, MO
3.14 Omaha, NE 
3.15 Minneapolis, MN
3.16 Milwaukee, WI
3.17 Chicago, IL
3.18 Louisville, KY
4.13 New Haven, CT
4.14 Washington, DC
4.15 Pittsburgh, PA
4.17 Cincinnati, OH
4.19 Rochester, NY
 4.20 Burlington, VT
4.21 Portland, ME
4.22 Albany, NY
4.26 Northampton, MA
4.27 Boston, MA
4.28 Philadelphia, PA SOLD OUT
Then we get on a jet plane!
9.20 Leeds, UK
9.21 Leeds, UK SOLD OUT
9.22 Cambridge, UK
9.23 Bristol, UK
9.25 Munich, DE
9.26 Antwerp, BE
9.27 Amsterdam, NL
9.28 Berlin, DE
9.29 Hamburg, DE
10.1 Koln, DE
10.3 London, UK
10.4 Manchester, UK
10.5 Edinburgh, UK
10.6 Dublin, IE
Hey Mr. or Ms. DJ–join us! 
The TMBG Dial-A-Song Radio Network 
has over 60 stations on the air! 
TMBG live on your radio show. Brand 
new songs to premiere on your radio show.
They Might Be Giants' Dial-A-Song service 
is here and for the people.
We are inviting all DJs at community, 
college, and commercial radio shows 
interested in being serviced with weekly 
musical installments from TMBG –– you 
are sincerely invited to participate. 
We are also booking band interviews and 
creating programming notes and custom 
audio materials guaranteed to make the 
Dial-A-Song segment of your broadcast a 
special highlight every week. All the 
information to become part of it is here. 
And if you know someone 
who would be interested, 
tell them about it! 
Creative people! TMBG's video contest 
is for the official video for “I Left My Body.” 
There will be 3 winners. $3k is the grand prize, 
with $1k going to two others! 
The winner also gets $3k worth of
Red Giant video editing equipment
and we invite all contestants to
take advantage of their two-week demos
when adding some final polish
to your edits! The demos are free!
The deadline
is March 1 and the contest is judged
by Open Mike Eagle. All the info here:
This is the song:
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