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Hear a brand new song from I Like Fun
Hear our new song from 
Spongebob Squarepants
The Dial-A-Song Radio Network 
is starting now
The "I Left My Body" video contest 
is starting now
and our international touring 
is starting now
with 50 shows in the United States
"Last Wave" from I Like Fun 
is on YouTube right now. It’s a preview 
from our new album I Like Fun 
out January 19, 2018. 

Listen on YouTube:​
Listen on Spotify:​

Pre-order I Like Fun in all formats
direct from TMBG -
or at iTunes -
or at Amazon -
Spongebob Squarepants
opens on Broadway tonight!
(Yes, we are going.)
This is the song TMBG
contributed to the show!
All creative people–jump in! 
Announcing TMBG's contest for the official video 
of “I Left My Body.” This is the song
3 winners! 
$3k grand prize, $1k to 2 others! 
Deadline is March 1, 2018,
which means you have time!
All the info here: 
Announcing the 2018 Dial-A-Song Radio Network!
 TMBG live on your radio show! 
Weekly songs premiere on your radio show!
Hey Mr. or Ms. DJ–join us! 
The TMBG Dial-A-Song Radio Network is beginning again. 
They Might Be Giants are re-launching 
their Dial-A-Song service in early 2018 
We are inviting all DJs at community, college, 
and commercial radio shows interested in being 
serviced with weekly musical installments from
 TMBG –– you are sincerely invited to participate. 
We are also booking band interviews 
and creating programming notes 
and custom audio materials 
guaranteed to make the Dial-A-Song 
segment of your broadcast a special highlight
every week.


Lots of shows going fast so get in on it!
Our 2018 touring will feature a six piece band,
and many fine new ideas.
12/6 A special acoustic set in 


12/30 Pre-New Year's Eve in Brooklyn, NY


12/31 New Year's Eve in Brooklyn, NY


1/17 Charlottesville, VA
1/18 Carrboro, NC
NC, GA SC, 1/19 Asheville, NC
Tell your friends!
1/20 Atlanta, GA GOING FAST
1/21 Charlotte, NC
1/23 Charleston, SC
1/24 Ponte Vedra, FL
1/25 Orlando, FL
1/26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
1/27 Tampa, FL
1/28 Pensacola, FL
1/30 Birmingham, AL
1/31 Baton Rouge, AL
2/1 Austin, TX
2/2 Houston, TX
2/3 Dallas, TX SOLD OUT
2/6 Nashville, TN
2/7 Indianapolis, IN
2/8 Columbus, OH
2/9 St. Louis, MO
2/10 Detroit, MI GOING FAST
2/11 Cleveland, OH
2/27 Phoenix, AZ
3/1 San Diego, CA GOING FAST
3/2 Los Angeles, CA
3/3 San Francisco, CA
3/4 San Francisco, CA
3/6 Eugene, OR
3/7 Seattle, WA SOLD OUT
3/8 Portland, OR
3/9 Salt Lake City, UT
3/10 Denver, CO
3/11 Boulder, CO
3/13 Kansas City, MO
3/14 Omaha, NE
3/15 Minneapolis, MN
3/16 Milwaukee, WI
3/17 Chicago, IL
3/18 Louisville, KY
4/13 New Haven, CT
4/14 Washington, DC
4/15 Pittsburgh, PA
4/17 Cincinnati, OH
4/19 Rochester, NY
4/20 Burlington, VT
4/21 Portland, ME
4/22 Albany, NY
4/26 Northampton, MA
4/27 Boston, MA
4/28 Philadelphia, PA GOING FAST
plus these:
9/21 Leeds, UK
9/22 Cambridge, UK
9/23 Bristol, UK
9/25 Munich, DE
9/26 Antwerp, BE
9/27 Amsterdam, NL
9/28 Berlin, DE
9/29 Hamburg, DE
10/1 Koln, DE
10/3 London, UK
10/4 Manchester, UK
10/5 Edinburgh, UK
10/6 Dublin, IE

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