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Please forward this to all your artistic 
and visually-minded friends 
who are looking to get ambitious 
over winter break.
Talented people of the world. 
They Might Be Giants' new album
I Like Fun  
and world tour is coming and 
we are kicking things off with a video
contest open to all for the 
lead track “I Left My Body.”
This is the song. It’s really good!
There will be 3 winners:
$3000 to the Grand Prize winner
$1000 to two other winners
All entries to be submitted by March 1, 2018.
Winners will be announced 
shortly after that and the winning video

will be posted on

as well as TMBG's YouTube channel.
All judging will be done by
 the great Open Mike Eagle.
Poetry, not prose. Find a way into the idea, 
not just the lyric of the song, and make 
it your own. Avoid “see/say” where the 
visual directly illustrates the lyric as best you 
can. Please make it beautiful, bold, stylish, 
contemporary, psychedelic, mind-bending. 
Beauty is often persuasive.
Transparency effects are nice, 
startling and beautiful imagery is nice, 
motion graphics can be exciting. Live 
action, animation, puppetry, multi-media—
anything is possible and all new ideas 
welcome. Humor is not required. If there is 
humor we would strongly suggest it be 
deadpan—the deader the better.
The topic of the piece should not be 
John and John –– and representations of 
the band are discouraged.
All imagery must be original.
Incorporating copyrighted images 
will disqualify your work.
Submissions MUST be posted privately 
in HD on Vimeo before
 the contest ends, and you must make 
your properly linked effort known
 to Operator Phil at
Be sure to include a direct link and a password

along with your full name, email address, and
phone number (strictly for contact purposes should
you be chosen as the winner —
we promise not to telemarket our

t-shirt collection to you).
If you would like a high rez 
wav file of the song for your
edit (recommended) go to






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