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Hello everybody! John F. here.
No one has asked us what all the 
songs on our next album
I Like Fun sound like, but we 
thought it would be interesting to 
assemble all of the tracks 
and play them at the same time.
This is the audio. It sounds kind of
like They Might Be Giants
opening the gates of hell.
Here are the instructions:
1. From your computer, click here
2. Click the blue "Redeem" button at the top of the page
3. Enter 'KF7YPT' in the box, and press "Redeem"
4. Press "Download Here"
But really, the album 
sounds better than that.
If you want a real song
check out this preview
track, "I Left My Body."
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The 2018 Instant Fan Club is here and 
we are proud to say we are at 
2472 members, so we 
are half way to our 
goal of 5000!
 We sincerely thank 
all who are participating, 
and invite the rest of you 
to join now!
This year’s program

runs a full year,

seventeen real physical things,
and is a real value for all. 
It’s just $99 for $200+ worth 
of stuff! Including
an autographed CD and 
downloads of our new album
I Like Fun 
a year of Dial-A-Song in your inbox  
a comic book by pal David Cowles 
with an accompanying CD 
and download set of songs
our new Lefty guitar strings 
(for all the social justice 
warriors out there!)
the exclusive Instant Fan Club t-shirt
 a new live “Best of 2018” album
a live show stream
extra surprise things we 
ain’t spoiling
Fancier levels include 
your name credited 
in the liner notes
 of the CD and vinyl
as well as 
They Might Be Giants 
custom ringtones with 
There are also gift memberships
and options to add on 
extra t-shirts and vinyl.
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