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Five days left for 2018 Instant Fan Club
A year of new music, exclusives, custom ringtones.
The perfect gift for someone you like or 
someone like you.
We play songs from Mink Car tomorrow night
at our annual Audience Appreciation Show.
A free concert at the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun 
Uncasville, CT 8pm.
First-come, first-served. No gimmicks.
impatiently I wait 
to refill my prescription
and count the tock 
of the drugstore clock
a prototype they say 
to combat my affliction
extra gravity to control me
but that’s my fun 
and I like fun


and so do you
as we float away
so do you
as we float away


my excellence at parkour
is not to be discounted
as I leap away 
and disappear
my excellence at parkour 
might be unexpected
at the age of 58 
it comes as quite a surprise


but not to you
we float away
not to you
as we float away

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