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Just 7 days remain.
Join the 2018 Instant Fan Club now.
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Hey current Instant Fan Club members. 
John Flansburgh here with some big news.
First, here is a preview track from our 
upcoming album I Like Fun called 
“I Left My Body.” The album drops 
January 17th.
Second, this is what the cover looks like.
Third, here is a new publicity photo. 
It was inspired by a publicity photo 
from the 1970s of a great African 
musician named William Onyeabor
 (you can see his name on one of 
the microphones in the picture).
Fourth, and most importantly, 
we need you to know the Instant 
Fan Club closes in just 7 days. 
The time to join is now. 
These are complicated times 
and if you can’t swing it 
this time around, 
understood. But before 
we stop poking at you let
 me throw out some facts: 
It will make 2018 so much better 
than 2017! This next Instant Fan Club 
is the biggest offering we’ve ever done, 
and at the biggest savings yet. 
Not being part of it is just a 
mistake. It’s epic. 4 CDs! 
A year of new songs in your
 inbox! Streaming events! 
An exclusive double-sided
IFC t-shirt! A real autograph! 
We do need you to know that the 
Instant Fan Club is the thing 
that funds a huge percentage 
of our creative output. The 
budgets to all our videos, the funds
 to get our tours overseas, and 
all the other things that the 
trappings of middle-sized 
rock demands but actual earnings
so often don’t really cover. 
This is like your NPR station at 
pledge time. It matters. 
We can’t do this without you. 
It’s just 27 cents a day!
Become a 2018 
Instant Fan Club member 
The IFC has an easy “gift” option 
and the holidays are just around 
the corner. Drop some hints. 
Or just be bold. Get that 
Daddy Warbucks in your life 
to sponsor your obsession. 
Their largesse will be a constant 
reminder of how great they are!
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Instant Fan Club membership 
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