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John F. here.
Greetings and Happy Holidays everyone!

We have a brand new Christmas song,
"Christmas in the Big House,"
and we would like to give you the gift of the mp3 right here.

we know what day it is.

We too have neglected to get
the perfect gift for some folks on our list.

But there is a sale on that can save you,
and can save you dough at the same time...

but this 33% off offer has to end TONIGHT
to ensure New Year's delivery.

Yes, the Drinky Crow shot glasses are here!
It's a set of 4 with a time-lapse illustration
sequence with Drinky Crow.
These first photos can't really do justice
to how delightful these glasses are.
Hint: the crow is on one side, the text on the other.
We made 300 sets and 150 are already gone,
so these crows won't last forever.

We have bundled the shot glasses with the
It's all the album covers in 12"x12", full color,
and ring-bound. It's 18 months.

Give one or the other of these things to that
forgotten holiday pal,
and keep the other thing...
for you!





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