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Bring in 2017 right with these TMBG shot glasses!


These first photos can't really do justice to how delightful
this set of 4 Drinky Crow glasses is.
(Hint: the crow is on one side, the text on the other.)

We made 300 sets and the first 100 are gone, so they won't last forever.
And right now save 33% with our special bundle with
the brand new 2017-18 TMBG album cover calendar.
It's full color, 12"x12", ring bound and highest quality.

Save 33% until Thursday.
Get the 4 SHOT GLASSES and THE NEW CALENDAR for just $30!

The regular price for the two is $45!
Order now to receive by New Year's Eve (or much sooner!)

We also have a special New Year's Eve t-shirt
If you want to be totally matchy matchy.

​But if all this New Year's stuff seems frivolous and
you are just looking for the most stylish way to stay warm,
the TMBG hoodie is a cool weather must.





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