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TMBG's kids holiday sale is on now until Thursday.
TMBG's holiday bundle offers end Thursday too.

Hola! And a very happy holiday season to all!
TMBG has just two more days of specially priced sales bundles,
so please get your holiday orders in NOW.

Thursday, December 8th is the last day for these offers.
Of course, individual orders and special delivery stuff can happen
right up until those desperate last days,
but why put yourself through that?

Save 45%
TMBG's Holiday Bundle

At just $29, you get all this stuff for 45% off the regular price!

- The BRAND NEW 2017-2018 album cover wall calendar
This deluxe calendar compiles all the amazing
TMBG album covers in a full-color, hi-rez 12"x12" format.
Important dates in They Might Be Giants' history are noted
thanks to the wiki people!

- "This is TMBG Country" shirt: Vote early and
often with this new design from the KMSU marathon!

- The new and exclusive download of the complete
They Might Be Giants' Other Thing recordings.
Only partially available in vinyl up until now, this is They Might Be Giants
stretching out with a full brass band.
Perfect for the holidays. Delightful. Rare. Brassy.

- PLUS 2 TMBG temporary tattoos in every order!


As you probably know, They Might Be Giants have a new kids album out.
Now we've bundled some things together to make it irresistable!
The perfect gift for the kid in your life!

Here's what's new and good to go....

Save 20%

It's true.
20% off any TMBG kids shirt
with the promo code TMBG20KIDS
​Lots of beautiful designs to choose from!
Flood, Tie Dye, No!, Science is Real, Why?, and more!
But quantities are limited.

Save 30%

Sale price $24. Regular price $35.

- Why? compact disc
plus an instant download
- The 2017-18 TMBG album cover wall calendar
- 2 TMBG logo temporary tattoos


Save 25%

Sale price $30. Regular price $41.

- Why? in a beautiful deluxe vinyl package
plus an instant download
- The 2017-18 TMBG album cover wall calendar
- 2 TMBG logo temporary tattoos





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