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 New stuff, exclusives, and savings!
Ladies and gentlemen--it’s true: They Might Be Giants have brand new Holiday bundles!
TMBG's highly imaginative merch crew works overtime to delight all with new products, but this year’s Holiday bundles are exceptional. 
New stuff, rare stuff, and weird stuff to surprise even the most world-weary among us.  All bundles come with 2 TMBG Temporary Tattoos and a download of a very rare set of songs featuring TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band previously only available on limited edition vinyl. 
While many of these items are available a la carte up to and past the holidays,
these bundle offers end Dec. 8th. Cross off some names on your list and enjoy the double digit savings!
The TMBG New Year's Bundle
Just $29! Save over 45%!
NEW! They Might Be Giants 
2017-18 Album Cover Calendar
This deluxe calendar compiles all the amazing TMBG album covers in a full-color, 
hi-rez 12”x12” format. Important dates in They Might Be Giants’ history
are noted thanks to the wiki people!
NEW! "This is TMBG Country" shirt
Vote early and often with this new design from the KMSU marathon!


2 TMBG Temporary Tattoos


And finally an exclusive download of the complete
They Might Be Giants’ Other Thing

Most of this special recorded set has only been available in vinyl up until now!
All New Year’s Bundles come with this song set.
Rare. Brassy.
Flood Collector Bundle
You get Flood on 12" vinyl plus the brand new, but still classic Flood Logo T-shirt!
...regular price $54.99, bundle price $36. 
(35% savings)
Get Flood on vinyl in it’s original deluxe gatefold glory!
The classic returns to vinyl! This package has been lovingly reproduced with a very keen eye to detail by the fine folks at Asbestos Records, including the very deluxe gatefold and beautiful custom label on the album itself. Long considered to be the “calling card” album for entry into the world of They Might Be Giants, Flood was produced by Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley and They Might Be Giants & Roger Moutenot. This album makes any home a showplace.
plus the Flood logo Black t-shirt
Finally the fully legit logo shirt is available. Original colors, original scale.
Don’t settle for phony bootlegs!
You also get the TMBG Other Thing MP3 download and 2 TMBG Temporary Tattoos.
It Was A Very Good Year Vinyl Bundle
You get 3 albums and a limited edition 7” EP!
...regular price $71.99, bundle price $49. 
32% savings)
It Was A Very Good Year 7" Vinyl
The B-side features "Up the Junction" and "I Love to Sing"
Under 200 copies available, and when they're gone, they're gone forever!

Glean 12” vinyl 
This custom vinyl package features a die-cut cover with a shocking reveal!
Why? 12" vinyl
Beautiful gatefold package with illustrations by Alison Cowles.
Phone Power 12" vinyl
Just released, this album includes "I Love You for Psychological Reasons"
and many more Dial-A-Song favorites.
You also get the TMBG Other Thing MP3 download and 2 TMBG Temporary Tattoos.
The Brand New Arrow Logo on Kelly Green Shirt
Are you a GRAMMY person?
For your consideration:
>Best New Children’s Album: They Might be Giants -- Why?
We would be honored to have your vote, so please take a listen! I hope you enjoy!

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