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Yes—in just a couple of weeks
our annual 
Audience Appreciation Show!
In just about two weeks, They Might Be Giants is returning 
to the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT. 
It’s Saturday, November 26 at 8pm 
and it’s our only show left in 2016! 
First come, first served, 
but the perimeter of the venue holds 
over a thousand folks standing 
so late-comers can have a good time too.
Yes, it is on the Saturday night 
of the big Thanksgiving weekend 
so bring your friends and relatives. 
This show is always a blast, 
and then there is gambling! See you there!
NOTE: The show is in a casino 
and by law it is strictly 21+. 
It ain’t right for kids
and please don’t make us all seem crazy 
by bringing kids to a casino. 
Things are what they seem.
More info about the show:
They Might Be Giants all-day radio marathon
KMSU in Mankato MN is celebrating TMBG 
in an all-day broadcast on Fri. Nov. 18, 
streaming at 
Last year’s marathon was an amazing event, 
and this one seems destined 
to be even more awesome.
Get your requests for a rarity in now, 
mark your calendars, 
and synchronize your radio waves.
Phone Power on vinyl is here
In the recent, but well-established tradition 
of vinyl taking forever to arrive, 
Phone Power is finally here!
Shipping daily.
Order here:

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