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Hola. John F. of They Might Be Giants here. 
We hope you are having a beautiful summer!
We are currently traveling around, finishing up some 
personal projects and generally doing a lot of nothing.
However, these three shows are coming up soon 
and we can’t wait. San Francisco still has a few tickets but you shouldn’t wait.
DENVER on July 20 moved up to the Ogden Theatre is sold out.
Only 64 tickets left. 
SAN FRANCISCO on July 21 at The Fillmore.
 This will sell out very soon.
BERKELEY on July 22 is sold out.
It’s Dan Miller!!!!
Why? is here and perfect for all TMBG kids!
This bundle gets you an instant download, plus a t-shirt AND A TMBG YO-YO!
 And for our friends in the UK:
TMBG on Tumblr

TMBG on Twitter     TMBG on Facebook

and flansyflans on Instagram







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