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Can you believe how cool this is? 
It’s a new t-shirt design 
from the mind of Lindsay Riley
and it’s available for the next 48 hours
never to return again!
Made from Gildan 5000
100% heavy preshrunk cotton!
So you know what to do! 
They Might Be Giants has three big shows on the docket. 
The SF show is a special Apollo 18 gig, 
and the Berkeley and Denver shows just have 
a hundred or so tickets before they SELL OUT.
Denver July 20:
San Francisco July 21: 
Berkeley July 22:
We have TWO brand new projects out 
and we want to invite you to GET THEM
and keep our boat afloat!
and this one is for kids!
Why? direct from They Might Be Giants:
Why? iTunes:
Why? Amazon:
​and for our UK friends:​
Phone Power direct from They Might Be Giants:​
Phone Power iTunes:
Phone Power Amazon:
Phone Power RSD:
Danny Weinkauf has embarked on a brand new kids project. 
He want’s to tell you all about it at this excellent link
Here is another shirt you can get.
It’s so damn cool.
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