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TMBG's Instant Fan Club is a secret society. 
This year’s offering is both action and value-packed. 
We invite you to participate in the joy:
Due to current enrollment, 
membership is now closing on April 8th.
After that you will not be hearing more
about this unless you are a member.
The first IFC exclusive arrives as a live stream of 
They Might Be Giants’ full show
direct from the TLA in Philadelphia on April 10th.
What else is in store?
Secret things. 
More than you’d expect.
Please join.
They Might Be Giants’ Instant Fan Club Oath
As a TMBG Instant Fan Club Member, 
I am a willing participant in this 
secret experiment in human happiness.
When asked about the Instant Fan Club I shall reply: 
"Oh, I don't know. You must be thinking of some other band."
Dan Miller’s tour bus quiz: which A&W root beer can is bigger? 
¡ǝzıs ǝɯɐs ǝɥʇ ɥʇoq ǝɹɐ ʎǝɥʇ :ɹǝʍsuɐ

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