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Yes, the new Instant Fan Club is going full blast at this link:
Don’t miss out. It’s the most affordable IFC ever, 
and we are cooking up surprises 
for this year's offerings
as you read this!
As of yesterday the Brand-New-Crazy-President level 
is 100% subscribed, but we are going to leave it open for the next 24 hours
for any current Instant Fan Club members who have 
been pondering the imponderables.
This window is closing.
Don’t delay.
They Might Be Giants’ Instant Fan Club Oath
As a TMBG Instant Fan Club Member, 
I am a willing participant in this 
secret experiment in human happiness.
When asked about the Instant Fan Club I shall reply: 
"Oh, I don't know. You must be thinking of some other band."

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