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Hey everyone! John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants here. 
We are very excited to announce we are just finishing up our THIRD album 
recorded in this marathon year of songwriting, recording, and performing. 
We don’t have a name for it yet, but it is impossibly rocking and many of the songs will be coming up 
in just a few weeks on Dial-A-Song.
Meanwhile, we have just started taking pre-orders for our second album Why? which is officially for kids (but so what!).
Just in time for the holidays, you might want to give it as a gift to a kid in your life.
The bundle includes a TMBG yo-yo as well as a very sweet new shirt design. 
We are now getting ready for our final series of shows in Brooklyn. 
These next five (a horn show in a couple of weeks, a show with a duo set, and then New Years shows) 
will be our last NYC-area appearances for a loonnngggg time so please make it out while you can. 
It really won’t be much longer!
Australia is just a few weeks away, and if you have any connection to that country please tell your friends—you are our street team! 
The UK shows are now on sale and we are happy to report, like Australia, it looks like most of those shows will sell out.
The final US tour for the foreseeable future is coming in the spring. Watch this space. 
After that it’s nap time for a long time.
Thank you all again for being so supportive and excellent. 
We are a very lucky bunch of dudes to have found a gang like you.
See you at the shows!
John F., TMBG
Brand new at 
at Dial-A-Song: toll free, never busy, always waiting (844) 387-6962…

prepare for a second from now
comb your hair and compose yourself
prepare for a second from now
adjust your chair and clear your throat
a second from the present is nigh
are all your affairs in order now?
a second is a very short time
a moment to anticipate the things to come

the next second won't be anything like the current one
and we won’t know how it’s gonna be till a second is done

no one can see into the future
we're just going to have to wait
there may be strange new customs and new ideas
so try to keep an open mind
prepare for a second from now
as if that would make any difference at all
ready or not it is coming
and there’s no way to stop the clock

the next second’s gonna make the present seem like long ago
and make you forget everything that you currently know

counting down / to zero from one
hold your breath / here it comes
now that the second has passed
let’s all reflect on the times we’ve had
look back on a second ago
given everything that we now know
remember a second ago
recall if you can how it used to be
remember a second ago
it’s hard to believe we were so naive

I can barely remember anything about a second ago

we will soon be a second in the future that is all I know
They Might Be Giants are playing the northeast, 
Brooklyn theme shows, Australia, the United Kingdom
and New Years Eve shows!
A two-set, “evening with” show all about the infamous Tricerachops horn section 
featuring Stan Harrison on saxophone, Curt Ramm on trumpet, and 
Dan “The Machine” Levine on trombone. Music Hall of Williamsburg
PERTH November 2 at Astor Theatre
ADELAIDE November 4 at The Gov
BRISBANE November 5 at Tivoli
SYDNEY November 6 at the Enmore Theatre
MELBOURNE November 7 at the Forum Theatre
and what about the NORTHEAST US!
PORTLAND ME! November 19 at Port City Music Hall​
UNCASVILLE CT November 20 at Mohegan Sun
This Audience Appreciation Show is TOTALLY FREE
Seating is limited so get there early if seating is your thing, 
but standing is always available.
BURLINGTON VT November 21 at Higher Ground Ballroom
BROOKLYN NY November 29 DUO and BAND!
An Evening with TMBG including a DUO SET. A two-set, “evening with” show. 
John and John return to their roots with a special duo set, 
along with a full band set performing all the favorites. 
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Celebrating the conclusion of their Dial-A-Song year and the beginning of 2016. 
Ring in the new year with all the TMBG favorites and everyone singing Auld Lang Syne. 
Special late 10pm doors! Music Hall of Williamsburg
An Evening with They Might Be Giants and the theme will be… 
Music Hall of Williamsburg
A “Farewell for the Moment” Evening with They Might Be Giants and the theme will be… 
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Tickets are on sale! Get ‘em now!
NEWCASTLE  January 28 at Riverside
BELFAST January 30 at Limelight 1

GLASGOW January 31 at O2 ABC (kids show!)
GLASGOW January 31 at O2 ABC (evening show!)
MANCHESTER  February 1 at Academy 2
CAMBRIDGE February 3 at Cambridge Junction
LONDON February 4 at Shepherd's Bush Empire

They Might Be Giants new kids album is the perfect gift!
 Our upcoming kids project Why? arrives November 27. 
With the holidays coming up, we suspect that the gift of a Why? bundle 
(with its delightful t-shirt and professional quality Official TMBG yo-yo (the TMBG ONE) 
will bring delight to any recipient tall or small.

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