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just an inch away from your face
I am staring into your eyes
you would be surprised if you could see
what’s an inch from your face
but it’s impossible
I am invisible
Tiptoeing and holding my breath
almost knocking over a lamp
barely able to contain a sneeze
I am invisible
I am invisible
I am invisible
Did you notice something?
Was there somebody there?
No apparently not.
There you felt it again
something creeping around
that you can’t see
doing jumping jacks in the bank
dancing through the supermarket
spinning in the courtroom on one leg
I am invisible
I am invisible
I am invisible
there are details
that I haven’t worked out
like when I eat my lunch
does it disappear
or do you see it going all the way down?
Did the cat just learn how to fly?
no I’m only holding him up
did the cat turn on the dishwasher?
no I’m holding his paw
pushing down on the switch
making it look like he’s
doing it by himself
cause I’m invisible
I am invisible
I am invisible
Rough Trade East, Monday July 20th at 7pm
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TMBG are touring Australia
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2 November - Perth - Astor Theatre
4 November - Adelaide - The Gov

5 November - Brisbane - Tivoli
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Not one of these shows is for kids. 
Minors will not be allowed in these venues
Please do not bring kids–you will be turned away
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