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so many combinations so many combinations so many 
so many combinations so many combinations
and mom and dad and kid and kid and dad and mom and kid and dad
and baby
and kid and mom and mom and kid and dad and mom and kid and kid
and granddad
and dad and dad and kid and kid and mom and gram and kid and mom
and me
so many combinations so many combinations so many 
so many combinations so many combinations so many 
so many families
Good morning. John Flansburgh here! Given last Friday’s historic Supreme Court decision 
on marriage equality, we thought it was only right to take a moment to celebrate! 
This week's Dial-A-Song is a track we created for an HBO documentary
 from a few years back called “A Family is A Family is A Family.” 
Celebrate our musical heritage this 4th of July!
5 days to the 4th - Big TMBG sale - all downloads just 5 bucks!
Celebrate Independence Day by freeing yourself of all those pesky CDs!
Get TMBG music direct from the band!
TMBG is having a very special 5 DAYS OF $5 DOWNLOADS 
sale over the holiday weekend!  
All full-length albums are just $5!  
EPs are even less!  No codes needed, sale ends on July 5th.
Like, you could get the Lincoln album!
…or you could see TMBG play it live in Brooklyn!
Yes. Sunday, July 26 TMBG PLAY A LINCOLN SHOW! 
We are dedicating a set to the Lincoln album,
and then we LET GO and do everything else!
TMBG are touring Australia
and tickets are ON SALE NOW!
2 November - Perth - Astor Theatre
4 November - Adelaide - The Gov

5 November - Brisbane - Tivoli
6 November - Sydney - Enmore Theatre

7 November - Melbourne - Forum Theatre
And no matter what people say, 
or what you might have incorrectly posted on social media
not one of these shows is for kids. 
Minors will not be allowed in these (licenced) venues
Please do not bring kids-you will be turned away.
We would appreciate it if you downloaded our album!
It’s here. It’s consistently great and waiting for you.
All formats, including vinyl and FLAC from TMBG direct
download via iTunes
from Amazon UK​
or our UK label Lojinx
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