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from Amazon UK​
at your local record shop -
or direct from the band (Worldwide / UK) or our UK label Lojinx
Order the bundle and get the download, special edition vinyl, and a t-shirt bonus 
and save a heap.​​

Glean is a masterpiece, and song-for-song among the very
best albums They Might Be Giants has ever made.
We are all excited to be part of this.
Erase   Good to Be Alive   Underwater Woman   Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2   Answer   I Can Help the Next in Line
Madam, I Challenge You to a Duel   End of the Rope   All the Lazy Boyfriends   Unpronounceable
Hate the Villanelle   I'm A Coward   Aaa   Let Me Tell You About My Operation   Glean

TMBG on tumblr     TMBG on twitter     TMBG on facebook     and     flansyflans on instagram


All these shows are “An Evening with” and will be two full sets of music. 
We should be on stage about an hour after doors. 
The announced “time” is often the time of doors, 
but confirm with your venue’s site or directly.
May 5 Salt Lake City

May 6 Boise

SOLD OUT May 7 Seattle
May 8 Portland
May 9 San Francisco
May 10 San Francisco special second show! 
includes Side One of Flood and different new songs of Glean!

May 13 Dallas
May 14 Austin
May 15 Oklahoma City
May 16 St. Louis
May 17 Columbus

May 31 Brooklyn THE ELSE SHOW
All these shows are strictly 14+, and no kids will be permitted to attend.

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