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People of the TMBG newsletter—do you know a terrestrial radio DJ? 
If you do please forward them this email, because we are looking 
for new folks to be part of the Dial-A-Song Radio Network!
Hey Mr. and Ms. DJ—DIAL-A-SONG is here!
They Might Be Giants have relaunched their legendary Dial-A-Song service 
at 844-387-6962 and at for all of 2015. 
TMBG return to their roots as progenitors of the FREE MUSIC FOR EVERYBODY 
And YOU can be part of the DIAL-A-SONG RADIO NETWORK
Although we have coordinated 125+ stations to form a network of college, community, 
and commercial radio shows interested in terrestrially broadcasting the sonic glory that is Dial-A-Song…
We are creating samplers, custom IDs and intro tracks, and organizing interviews to make the delightfully new, 
all-too-short Dial-A-Song segment a real highlight of any broadcast.
So if you are a DJ and interested in being part the weekly Dial-A-Song experience—sign up! 
We’ll need all the deets on your station, but it will only take a minute. This is the link to sign up at

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