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Hey! John F. of They Might be Giants here. A lot is happening in our world, and we’d suggest subscribing to our ParticleMen YouTube page — that is where Dial-A-Song audio clips are going to get posted for free. And of course there are photos of my cats on Instagram.

So, I am experimenting with those odd kind of subject lines that seem like they are designed to get in your head. If I had the program that put your name in the subject line—now that would be scary. So — is this really the perfect gift? Well, maybe it is, or maybe it’s more perfect FOR YOU! For instance, you could become a member of TMBG's Instant Fan Club and get 2 concert tickets, 3 albums, a subscription to 52 weeks of Dial-A-Song Direct, an exclusive live DVD, a concert stream, a t-shirt and more (less than $100 with free shipping for $200+ of stuff). Just go to for the Instant Fan Club. Yes, this is an impossibly value-packed offer and it will not last forever.

On that same form you’ll also see you can also subscribe to Dial-A-Song Direct a la carte and enjoy a new They Might Be Giants recording in your inbox every week in 2015 for just $30. And if you put in your friends address in your order instead of your own, they will receive the subscription. See? This email really is about the perfect gift.

April - May U.S. tour. Brooklyn stand is the last Sunday of every month - January is sold out, February is a special first album show. Info at

Seattle, LA, SF, San Diego, SLC, Portland OR, Anaheim, Boise, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, DC, St. Louis, Philly, Madison, Pittsburgh, OKC, Columbus OH, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Albany… and more!