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Instant Fan Club!

Hello TMBG-oriented folk--John and John of They Might Be Giants here. We are very excited to announce the new 2015 Instant Fan Club membership. The offering is already up and online and accepting orders at Due to the size of our organization, membership must be limited to the first 2500 people, so we encourage all interested parties to order now to reserve your spot, and be part of this experiment in human happiness!

This new offering is action-packed and only $98 and, as always, all the shipping is totally free. We also have a super-deluxe Super President membership for $250 which is crazy cool including a limited vinyl edition of Flood.

And although it’s outside of the Instant Fan Club, there is even a Dial-A-Song Direct package for folks who just want the new music on a weekly basis, and that’s just $30.

All 2015 They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club members will receive

52 weeks of Dial-A-Song direct to your inbox

Two tickets to a They Might Be Giants live show of your choice (perhaps one of the monthly shows in Brooklyn?)

An autographed copy of the next They Might Be Giants CD

The next They Might Be Giants kids CD

The compilation CD of Dial-A-Songs from the end of 2015

An exclusive Instant Fan Club t-shirt

Two racing airplanes

Access to a live webcast in April or May

A Certificate of Thank You

An IFC membership card

and some secret surprises….

Instant Fan Club Super Presidents will also receive

The next They Might Be Giants album on vinyl

The Dial-A-Song compilation album from the end of 2015 on vinyl, with your name listed on the artwork

The Instant Fan Club Super President Coin

Limited edition Flood double LP deluxe vinyl edition


The Instant Fan Club Oath

As a TMBG Instant Fan Club Member, I am a willing participant in this secret experiment in human happiness. When asked about the Instant Fan Club I shall reply: "Oh, I don't know. You must be thinking of some other band."