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TMBG play the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Sun. Jan. 25th
The beloved, the brand new, and beyond. Come celebrate the first month of
Dial-A-Song with us, the horns, and a great PA.

Tickets on sale, and going fast

and speaking of Dial-A-Song...

Hey Mr. DJ--we have a brand new deal.

If you have a weekly show at a community, college, 
or commercial radio station and would be interested in taking part
in our year long experiment in human happiness, check out this link!

We already have a dozen plus stations in the network:
Asheville, NC; Bloomington, IN; Norfolk, VA; Mankato, MN; two sations in Rochester, NY;
Aston, PA; Jeffersonville, NY; Viroqua, WI; East Orange, NJ; Charlottesville, VA;
Marshall, MN; Columbus, OH; Holland, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Charlotte, NC;
and there is even a syndicated show!
Yeah--a syndicated show!

You're independent! We're independent! Let's do this!

Always busy. Always free.



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