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Announcing the three amazing WINNING VIDEOS for the "AM I AWAKE?" video contest!
Read all about it from Judge John Hodgman...
Paul & Mike Swiatek
Alex Italics
Jack Fields
The "AM I AWAKE?" video contest has happened, 
and the winning entries are AMAZING. With over 150 entries to view, 
the response was overwhelming. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS want to express our thanks to ALL 
who entered for the impossible levels of imagination that people poured into their efforts. 
It was tremendous, and we are most grateful and flattered.
With multiple reviews, the office did the difficult work of paring it down to the 
BIG 16 finalists, but in the end JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN spoke and declared 
the three winners works. So please rise for the judge….
“This is JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN speaking. 
It was humbling to review the many amazing entries to this competition. 
All of the entries defined awesome, and more than three were simply astonishing. 
It is always easier to judge things than to make them, and yet, that is my job, and here is my judgment. 
WINNER: Paul and Mike Swiatek, for the video I call "Sleep Study Voyeur:” 
Beautifully shot, hilarious, and unexpected. As a creator of list based humor, 
I must admire anyone who can keep the same joke so consistently 
engaging and surprising for three minutes.
WINNER: Alex Italics, for the video I call "Don't Say 'Grassy Knoll,' say 
'Grassy YES.'" The amount of talent that has been poured into this--from all the 
actors to all the costumes to the set design and the video design, not to mention 
the elderly newsman tear deployment--makes it as hypnotic as the Zapruder film.”
WINNER: Jack Fields, for the video I call "Murderous Puppet Typewriters.” 
Startling, original, repulsive in the most beautiful way, it engages with the lyrics 
without being an on-the-nose dream sequence. And the physics of puppet dismemberment 
are as accurate as I recall from puppet medical school.