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It's almost here!

Three new tracks from They Might Be Giants' album Nanobots are out!
New show! Nanobots on tour! New US dates just added!
Australia tour in April-May. Date announced in Feb.
And TMBG's iPhone app is available now!
Nanobots LP arrives March 5.

Above is a sneak peak of the album cover.

And this is the cover of the EP tracks available NOW

These test pressings of Nanobots arrived from the manufacturer
in the Czech Republic just a few days ago.
They sound amazing--very full undistorted bass. Exciting!

The iPhone app, created in collaboration with Hine, Paul Sahre and Drew Westphal
is available now! This is what the interface looks like.
It will feature a different song every day, and new songs on Tuesdays.

       July 2011 Apple Store show.jpg

The Nanobots Tour!

2/27 Portland, ME
2/28 Burlington VT
3/1 Rochester NY
3/2 Columbus OH
3/3 Cincinatti OH
3/5 Louisville KY
3/6 Nashville TN
3/7 Birmingham AL
3/8 New Orleans LA
3/9 Houston TX
3/12 Dallas TX
3/13 Tulsa OK
3/14 Columbia MO
3/15 St. Louis MO
3/16 Chicago, IL
3/17 Cleveland, OH
3/19 Detroit MI
3/20 Pittsburgh PA
3/21 Tarrytown NY
3/22 Huntington NY
4/3 Boston MA
4/4 Boston MA
4/5 Philadelphia PA
4/6 Baltimore MD
4/7 Richmond VA
4/9 Charlottesville VA
4/10 Carrboro NC
4/11 Charleston SC
4/12 Asheville NC
4/13 Atlanta GA
4/14 Atlanta GA

Date will be announced in early February!

5/30 Indianapolis, IN
5/31 Milwaukee, WI
6/1 Minneapolis, MN
6/2 Iowa City, IA
6/4 Des Moines, IA
6/5 Omaha, NE
6/6 Kansas City, MO
6/7 Denver, CO
6/8 Salt Lake City, UT
6/9 Boise, ID
6/10 Vancouver, BC
6/12 Seattle, WA
6/13 Portland, OR
6/14 San Francisco, CA
6/15 Anaheim, CA
6/16 San Diego, CA

They Might Be Giants are on Tumblr!
Post YOUR Giants stuff, ask JF a question or just groove to all the stuff there!

And FlansyFlans is on Instagram.
Not just pictures of cats--pictures of cats
with pictures of cats--The art of it all!

This photo on Facebook is still the most liked thing
we've ever posted there, including all our album announcements,
tour announcements or video premieres.