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Tickets go on sale today for the second half of the upcoming US Tour!
Indianapolis! Milwaukee! Minneapolis! Iowa City! Des Moines!
Omaha! Kansas City! Denver! Salt Lake City! Boise! Vancouver!
Seattle! Portland! San Francisco! Anaheim! San Diego!


5/30 Indianapolis, IN
5/31 Milwaukee, WI
6/1 Minneapolis, MN
6/2 Iowa City, IA
6/4 Des Moines, IA
6/5 Omaha, NE
6/6 Kansas City, MO
6/7 Denver, CO
6/8 Salt Lake City, UT
6/9 Boise, ID
6/10 Vancouver, BC
6/12 Seattle, WA
6/13 Portland, OR
6/14 San Francisco, CA
6/15 Anaheim, CA
6/16 San Diego, CA


And don't forget the rest of the US Tour!
Tickets still on sale for:

2/27 Portland, ME
2/28 Burlington VT
3/1 Rochester NY
3/2 Columbus OH
3/3 Cincinatti OH
3/5 Louisville KY
3/6 Nashville TN
3/7 Birmingham AL
3/8 New Orleans LA
3/9 Houston TX
3/12 Dallas TX
3/13 Tulsa OK
3/14 Columbia MO
3/15 St. Louis MO
3/16 Chicago, IL
3/17 Cleveland, OH
3/19 Detroit MI
3/20 Pittsburgh PA
3/21 Tarrytown NY
3/22 Huntington NY
4/3 Boston MA
4/4 Boston MA
4/5 Philadelphia PA
4/6 Baltimore MD
4/7 Richmond VA
4/9 Charlottesville VA
4/10 Carrboro NC
4/11 Charleston SC
4/12 Asheville NC
4/13 Atlanta GA

4/14 Atlanta GA

Nanobots LP is out in March!
Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming They Might Be Giants album Nanobots.

Click to download the song 'Call You Mom':

Facebookering, twittering, tumblring, and Instagramering. What's next?
John F is very busy on the social networks--so stop by and say hi.

First of there is a new tumblr that everyone here should track-- Post, ask or just dig the photos. The established stuff is also there for you--the blog at is now embeddable, likable and all that good stuff. TMBG are on twitter and on Facebook at Flansburgh is also posting photos on Instagarm at the handle FlansyFlans