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Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming They Might Be Giants album Nanobots.
Click here to download the song 'Call You Mom':


It's New Year's Eve with TMBG!
We are releasing a small number of additional tickets for the sold out Brooklyn New Year's Eve shows starting at NOON TODAY EST for TMBG fans only. Use the passcode 'NANOBOTS' at the links below to get your tickets.

Tomorrow at 12:01 PM the fan sale ends and the new tickets are open to anyone.


The pre-historic Williamsburg Show. One side of Lincoln, one side of Flood and a whole lot of everything else.


The Historic Williamsburg Show. Another side of Lincoln, another side of Flood and a whole lot of different everything else.


Damn it, it's New Year's Eve!
Join They Might Be Giants as 2013 rings in!
TMBG will be playing at midnight for 100% merriment.
Feel the joy!

They Might Be Giants' Nanobots 2013 tour begins!
The first leg of the multi-legged US and Australian tours is announced!
Australia April/May cities will be announced in February. US tickets on sale now!

2/27 Portland, ME
2/28 Burlington, VT
3/1 Rochester, NY
3/2 Columbus, OH
3/3 Covington, KY
3/5 Louisville, KY
3/6 Nashville, TN
3/7 Birmingham, AL
3/8 New Orleans, LA
3/9 Houston, TX
3/12 Dallas, TX
3/13 Tulsa, OK
3/14 Columbia, MO
3/15 St. Louis, MO
3/16 Chicago, IL
3/17 Cleveland, OH
3/19 Detroit, MI
3/20 Pittsburgh, PA
3/21 Tarrytown, NY
3/22 Huntington, NY
4/3 Boston, MA
4/4 Boston, MA
4/5 Philadelphia, PA
4/6 Baltimore, MD
4/7 Richmond, VA
4/9 Charlottesville, VA
4/10 Carrboro, NC
4/11 Charleston, SC
4/12 Asheville, NC
4/13 Atlanta, GA
4/14 Atlanta, GA

Facebookering, twittering, tumblring, and Instagramering. What's next?
John F is very busy on the social networks--so stop by and say hi.

First of there is a new tumblr that everyone here should track-- Post, ask or just dig the photos. The established stuff is also there for you--the blog at is now embeddable, likable and all that good stuff. TMBG are on twitter and on Facebook at Flansburgh is also posting photos on Instagarm at the handle FlansyFlans