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Offer ends midnight Monday November 19th

7 days left! They Might Be Giants' BRAND NEW HOLIDAY BUNDLE!
Ships by December 3 in plenty of time for the holidays!

This holiday, They Might Be Giants have created the perfect, all new, value-packed set of original gifts. We're talking 50% saving folks on the new DVD, new t-shirt, travel mug, custom playing cards and reproductions of 80s TMBG show posters. We've premiering over $90 worth of stuff for just $45 including unique and unusual exclusives that will not be available after this bundle offer ends. This is perfect for you, and also the PERFECT GIFT for that hard-to-surprise TMBGer in your life, and will arrive in time for Christmas with no fancy rush shipping.

Treat yourself, or treat a friend, but DON'T MISS OUT! Give it. Get it. Click here.

Pre-release exclusive--the brand new DVD of 24 rock videos� 

Get the pre-release version of this amazing video compendium of TMBG's latest videos. Own TUBTHUMPING. Own ELECTRONIC ISTANBUL. Own CLOISONNÉ. There are even rare clips from Home Movies and Homestar Runner!


You love science fiction. You love playing cards. You love They Might Be Giants. You love amazing graphic design. This custom deck of playing cards is a remarkable instant collector's item for you to cherish for years. This deck of custom cards is worlds beyond a generic vanity decks with some company's name plopped on the back. Created by world-famous graphic designer Paul Sahre, this deck is totally custom and revolves around four brand new sets of face cards: Paranormal,� Myth, Hoax and Legend.

The brand new They Might Be Giants TRAVEL MUG

This is why you want one of these. They are stainless steel, with a stainless steel liner. That means your coffee or tea stays super hot. And it is ready to travel, sliding confidently into regular cup-holders everywhere. And it's simple -- just a pretty TMBG swirl logo and nothing else -- happy relief from its uber-corporate coffee business-related products. And even if you are not a coffee drinker, pull this out of your bundle and use it as a delightful and unexpected stocking stuffer.

A Brand New Holiday Bundle EXCLUSIVE:
Reprints of TMBG SHOW FLIERS� and first publicity photo from the mid-80s

For over five years They Might Be Giants installed themselves in the demi-mondé that was the performance art and burgeoning alternative rock scene of New York's East Village and Lower East Side. Since East Village shows were often not even listed in NYC papers, bands would advertise their gigs via small fly posters that were xeroxed and pasted on to the side of street lights. Beautiful, simple, and strange, They Might Be Giants' enigmatic show posters made a solid impression on pedestrians of New York. Direct from Flansburgh's archives, we present to you a set of 15 reproductions of TMBG's original fly posters. We're including a 8 x 10 gloss photo--the first promo photo the band included in their press kits. Haunting! Also included: a goofy xerox of the famous Dial-A-Song rubber stamped "spinner." All of this is enclosed in a manilla envelope designed by The Offices of Paul Sahre with a cardboard stiffener to safely make the trip via USPS.


Celebrate New Year's Eve with a DRINKY CROW T-SHIRT

New Year's Eve is coming up, and you are going to want an original outfit to help you party. TMBG has collaborated with Maakies creator Tony Millionaire on this Drinky Crow drinking countdown shirt. Join Drinky on his quick trip to the bottom. Guaranteed to delight! Available in all colors as long as those colors are black. But no joke--it's available in LOTS OF SIZES! S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL as well as Women's S, M, L and XL

And if you like surprises
Three small surprise items will be slipped in ever package specially designed to delight you when you bust open the box.

This offer ends soon, and is limited to the remaining 1200 orders
Get it all for just $45 plus shipping and handling. Don't postpone joy--order now before this offer ends.

TMBG proudly accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. All credit card orders are 100% secure and processed through PayPal Express.